As our business is built on the core idea of “we believe in quality” , we want to ensure full customer satisfaction by producing qualitative products and ensuring top class services. We always prioritise customer’s requirement and their expectations. Through our hard work and innovative approach we are always dedicated to meet customer demands which can cope up with the flow of modern era.

We focus on continuous improvement in all quality related activities and make every effort to prevent the errors regarding production activities. We continuously educate and train our employees so that they can perform their tasks in accordance with our established quality standards. We believe that through periodic review of the quality policy, we can produce top class products which can meet the demand of all customers.

Throughout our 22 years of operation, we have honed our Quality Control System, which is comprised of thorough material, process and product checks. By remodelling and refining the system continuously, we feature now a unique capability in terms of lower rework and repair rate, thereby high quality product in quick time. Rules such as “fit for purpose” and “do it right first time” are not mere slogans, they are rather deeply embedded norms in our organisational culture. As a result, we are confident to meet whatever acceptable quality limit (AQL) requirement is placed by the value-savvy clients.

We have acquired latest technology like computerised quality control and feedback process; and have created a quality consciousness among our workforce. Our experienced quality control team extends its operation even in sourcing decisions of raw materials, chemicals and accessories as well as in recommending new technologies. We also collect customer feedback regularly to know about their conception about the company and to take appropriate action timely.

All employees of Comfort Group are being advised to follow the documented procedures of their respective department and work hard to attain overall quality objectives. The management is committed to provide adequate resources, competent manpower, suitable premises, required machineries, hi-tech equipments and modern facilities to implement the quality policy and objectives of the Group.