In Comfort Group, we comply with all applicable wages and hour law and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtimes, maximum hours, piece rates and other elements of compensation. We have setup computerised software based Time Attendance and Pay Roll system for all workers and employees. This can generate barcode ID card, salary sheet, pay slip etc. We undertake annual salary increments and increase the salary of all employees in the first month of each year. We also ensure timely payments of salary, overtime, bonus and all other financial bearings, as a result of which, our workers have an excellent relation with our management.

Comfort Group is glad to extend not only legally mandated benefits but also additional facilities those are not required by law. We prioritise these areas from our own ethical obligations. We provide holiday benefits, performance bonuses and excellence rewards too all staff members and workers.

As such, our financial offerings cover a wide array of schemes and categories, including attendance bonus for on-time presence, excellence bonus for not missing any working day in a month, target bonus for fulfilment of daily goals, employee performance awards for notable contributions, etc. We organise monthly meeting in each month and handover the financial rewards to all outstanding employees.