Mr Md Ruhul Amin is the Chairman and Managing Director of Comfort Group of Industries. A graduate in Economics under Dhaka University in 1977, he is a renowned businessman who maintains high reputation in the society. He has also held influential positions in numerous trade bodies and business associations including Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), as well as social and religious organisations.


When I founded the garment division of Comfort Group of Industries in 1993, I did so with a strong vision. I believed that I will be able to change the future of myself, my family, my society, and in a bigger picture, my country. I was accompanied by several enterprising and dedicated personnel who knew what to dream and how to achieve those dreams. We all had one thing in common: a pioneering spirit combined with ambitious visions. Our ideas and attitudes continued to shape Comfort Group, as proved by our persistent creativity in every sector of woven and knitwear production.

At a time when garment industry was still at its early stage in Bangladesh, I believed that we had the capacity to become renowned as a world leader in apparel manufacturing and supply. In the face of the increasing investments that Dhaka was experiencing at the time, I saw the potential in Bangladesh’s infrastructure, people, skills and talent to deliver exceptional service that could compete on the global stage.

More than 28 years on, we are living in a different world. Yet Comfort Group has continued to expand, diversify and provide vital employment, revenue and commercial development tailored to international needs; with Bangladesh’s future firmly at the core. More than ever before, we are fully committed to our garment division as we approach 2022, with my Cambridge-educated son taking charge and deploying new visions, making impressive changes and pushing us to new heights. We can and will do better as we move forward with more hunger for success in our garment division.

With several industrial units, trading agencies and service providers functioning smoothly, Comfort Group is set in the global business arena. We have succeeded in materialising our socially responsible goals, upholding our values of honesty and providing rewarding services to our buyers to turn Comfort Group into a successful corporate conglomerate. Now we are on our way to fulfil the dream of rapid industrialisation, through the ongoing project of a new 300,000 square-feet garment factory, which will create 10,000 more jobs by the year 2025 and take our annual export volume to USD 150 million.

I believe that our success over the past two decades lies in our courage. The courage to invest in carefully assessed risks to generate employment and growth. The courage to integrate new technologies and working practices in order to streamline our business model. The courage to protect our people and environment with our eyes steadfastly focused on tomorrow’s generations and not just on today’s profits. That courage has created a thriving Comfort Group that serves major brands across the globe while creating jobs, homes, commercial ventures and investment opportunities. We always strive to do more and we have a point to make; that Comfort Group has now formally begun its journey to become a leader in the international garment manufacturing industry.

In the years ahead, we aim to deliver further diversification, expansion, operational streamlining and product development. We aim to generate further employment, reduce our environmental consumption, invest in the development of our working communities and protect our natural environment. The future may be uncertain, but uncertainty brings with it innovation, and innovation generates exciting future. For Bangladesh, the future of garment industry is still bright. And for us, Comfort Group is here to play an important role and make the future brighter.

Best regards

Md Ruhul Amin
Chairman and Managing Director