Mr Md Ruhul Amin laid the foundation of Comfort Group in 1976 by starting businesses as an importer, dealer and distributor of food products including sugar, salt, oil, butter, caustic soda, rice, corn, etc. He quickly established his name through setting up trading branches of the then well-known Popular Store in every district of Bangladesh. As a leading businessman of the food industry, he got involved with Coca-Cola Company of the USA in 1989 and became the ultimate supplier of sugar for Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta production in Bangladesh.

Comfort Group shifted its focus from the beverage industry in 2006 -- after 17 years of continued business with outstanding reputation -- so as to expand manufacturing facilities those can create healthy numbers of jobs and make more social impact. While this motivation enabled the Group to move towards manufacturing and away from service and trading sectors, the Group continues its engagement with import, export and distribution business.