We have created a Doctor's Chamber in our factory. It is run by a highly qualified and nationally reputed in-house doctor, as well as a full-time nurse, who jointly conduct free treatment of our employees. Our doctor is Dr Md Akhter Hossain Bhuiyan, a Fellow of World Health Organisation (WHO) and Former Additional Director General (DG) of Health Service in the Government of Bangladesh.

We arrange instant appointment to see the doctor if need arises. We bear the entire cost of healthcare if any of our workers get injured while performing his/her job.

We are committed to our employees' access to purified water and sanitation facilities. Just like other parts of Comfort Group's premises and developments, we provide excellent toilet and washroom facilities with modern fittings and tiles facilities, which are separate for males and females. We always comply with all applicable environment laws and regulation, and Comfort Group is wholeheartedly committed to make the environment more sustainable. We assure safety techniques and are increasingly concerned about environmental and ethical issues. We make every effort to avoid air, water, and sound pollution.

Comfort Group puts food facilities and hygienic environment at its core. We offer the employees an entire floor filled with tables and chairs to take their dinner or to use that as food court. We give them routine-wise lunch break to take healthy food, and also provide tiffin during overtime hours. We also have a Housekeeping Team for maintaining neat and tidy environment and atmosphere in accordance with the Health and Safety Act of Bangladesh.

We have formed a medical partnership with nearby Selina General Hospital, where all our employees and their family members can go and get free or discounted medical services. In addition, we provide all kinds of medications to our workers when they get sick, whether in factory or home, and maintain ample storage of medicines for betterment of their health.