Ethics Well Fashion Ltd is one of the fast growing sourcing agents of Bangladesh in RMG sectors. Our aim is to fulfill the specific needs of the importers, wholesalers and retail markets. We deal with all types of Garments items including Woven, Knit & Sweater.

We have a group of dedicated and experienced professionals engaged in ensuring the quality garments export and to meet the requirement of our valued customer. Our team spirit, health and hygiene arrangements, unbending attitude towards the quality and timely shipment helped our company become remarkable and grow faster. We make our best efforts to obtain a complete understanding of the samples, specifications and the exact needs of the buyers in order to ensure quality and timely delivery. We have very well defined quality control policy and quality control team.

We source RMG items from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China etc. We locate the manufacturing unit depending on the customer’s expectation and requirement with regard to the quality, quantity, fashion and price and most importantly to maximize customer value and satisfaction. We emphasize sourcing best quality fabric, as it is the key to ensure smooth and superior-quality-production. The extraordinary qualities of imported & local fabrics ensure our clients clothing which are practical and also stylish.

Our Objective :

Our main objective is to deliver the quality products and the standard of products required by the customers. The basic function is to source the facility/product, which fulfills the needs of the inquiry, sent by the buyer and to place the orders on behalf of the buyer to coordinate between the buyer and the manufacturer, at various stages of the production process, ensuring that the end product meets the basic standards required. We have already produced lot of designs for numerous brands all across Europe, Canada & USA.

Our Vision :

To be such a fashion company globally that guarantees to maintain quality, confirming best effective output that's possible, utilizing time and maintaining relation with the customers and the producers.

Our Ethics :

Our garment manufacturing vendors are chosen after a rigorous appraisal. All of them are fully human rights compliant. They are on the list of approved apparel vendors for large brand name companies. And the garment manufacturers in Bangladesh that we work with are open to audits by any organization of your liking. Clients are also encouraged to visit our factories. We promote total transparency in all our relationships. There are no hidden costs or surprises. We receive our compensation only from our clients. All details of the client's business are held in strict confidence.

Our Services :

Vendor/ Factory appraisals
Sourcing leads for fabrics, trims and accessories for Apparel
Sourcing leads for Jute and Leather Products
Price negotiations
Quality control
Monitoring factory compliance and providing human rights diligence
Coordinating product sampling