We have formed various committees in Comfort Group, with a view to fostering smooth communication and coordination across all members. These committees help us maintain high production rate with optimal quality and superior speed, as we firmly believe that regular meetings have a direct impact on the empowerment and productivity of our staff and workers alike.

Operations Committee

Operations Committee constitutes of two representative members from the Board of Directors along with departmental heads from all departments. The Committee members meet bi-weekly and discuss various aspects of operational matters such as regular progresses, required purchases, recruitment needs and managerial concerns. The members also deal with any grievance issues if they arise, as the contents of "Employee Suggestion and Complaint Boxes" are forwarded to the committee through the Compliance Department.

Strategic Assessment Committee

Strategic Assessment Committee comprises the Board of Directors along with three selected departmental heads. The Committee members meet on a monthly basis and discuss strategic issues such as investment decisions, order considerations, stakeholder assessments and market expansions.

Workers Participant Committee

Worker Participant Committee constitutes of two representatives from the Board of Directors, staff representatives from all departments, and twelve elected members from the workers coming through direct votes. The Committee meets once a month, and is effective in building relationships between management and workers. As per the recommendation of the Committee, we establish management teams and systems responsible for providing outstanding working conditions and employee benefits covering human resources, occupational health and safety and various training programmes.

Health and Safety Committee

We have formed a Health and Safety Committee comprising 19 members from all departments of the factory, aimed at regular training and workshop arrangement, as well as in-depth analysis of intervention plan and understanding of the ground realities. We believe that building occupational health and safety awareness and strengthening of the Committees is very important to secure the safety of our workers. As such, we are spreading awareness and vigilance at the factory level to ensure safety and reduce risk of fatal accidents.

Recruitment and Termination Board

Recruitment and Termination Board deals with all new appointments and termination processes. The Board comprises of representatives from Operations Committee, Strategic Assessment Committee and Workers' Participant Committee, with additional inclusion of representatives from Administrative Department and Compliance Department. The Board members meet every fortnight.