Dr Mahdi Amin joined Comfort Group of Industries in 2015 as the Deputy Managing Director. Before joining Comfort Group, Dr Mahdi Amin had lived in the UK and the USA for about ten years. He studied BA (Business Administration), MPhil (Economics and Development Studies) and PhD (Operations and Technology Management) degrees in renowned British and American universities including Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Middlesex University and City University of New York.

Dr Mahdi Amin's successful professional career started with teaching and research at Cambridge University. He then worked as a management consultant with leading multinational companies such as British Telecom, IBM, London Legacy Development, Toyota, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Tesla, Westfield Group, Primavera Gallery, Audio Analytic, Contact Field Marketing, Alive Products, Wellcome Trust, Coda Automotive, Radical Sportscars, and many other businesses.

Dr Mahdi Amin is a reputed international figure having attended honorary receptions organised by British Monarch Prince Charles, British Prime Minister David Cameron, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as well as other American and European global leaders. Various national and international media including the BBC -- have featured Dr Mahdi Amin's profile and interviewed him -- as recognition of his educational, professional and extracurricular excellence.

Dr Mahdi Amin is engaged with all strategic and operational matters of Comfort Group of Industries. He has made the garment division the core business sector of the Group and thereby brought about necessary changes to take it to a new level, with massive financial investments and aggressive expansion strategies.